About Us

Who We Are

Star World General Co. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of consumer products, including detergents and batteries. The company also engages in trading, wholesale and distribution across Myanmar. Established in 1993, the company has accumulated over 27 years of market expertise and continue to expand further to provide a wide range of consumer products with highest satisfaction. Based on the effort and network of the staffs, wholesalers, and retailers, we have experienced development over the years as we market our own multiple brands of detergent and batteries.

Today, we employ approximately 200 employees working around our manufacturing, sale and distribution network all over Myanmar. We are few companies in Myanmar with a detergent factory capable of producing over 10000+ tons of detergents annually in various sizes. We strive to produce quality products with an affordable price to our consumers. We constantly reflect on our prices, branding and quality to ensure that we are able to adapting to accommodate customer’s need.


Star World’s mission is to give people with options to choose and to find value and quality in our products with affordable pricing.